Saturday, May 21, 2005


The past couple of days have been, quite hectic with both work and personal concerns. I catch myself crossing paths with people i haven't hung out in a long time, friends i've always wanted to chill out with again, even acquaintances whose amazing personalities leave me wanting more.

A "meet up coffee" with Jac and her bro Carlos at The Coffee Bean led me to an unexpected "catching up time" with Aileen and Edel. The time went by pretty fast, with us chatting about all sorts of girly stuff as well as a brief discussion on current faves. Granted, it was accidental, but we shared a couple of laughs as well as got updated on the latest Fullbright happenings ;-)

A "grub meet" with Noni turned out to be a record pizza dinner at Il Ponticello's (fast and yummy!) which was loaded with lotsa chikka, fun quips and yes, the ever-present, So what's new? query. Noni's fun character as well as his sweet side was ever present (too bad i had no extra ticket for Star Wars3 --- sayang! bwai ako!) which made the impromptu dinner at Valero an adventure of its own.

Star Wars with Mary and Jac got the whole "girl vibe" going, which led me to believe that friendship is something that just doesn't happen overnight, nor does it sustain without some effort. And believe me, with our schedules, it's GREAT that we put effort into meeting up, even for as petty as "some movie". Luv ya gurls!

Coffee at The Bean with Jac turned out to be a great discussion of "behavioral sciences", bridal details and the latest in Barbie. What can i say? My friend is perky, fun and yes, LOVES Pink with a passion. (Kinda like me, hehehe) She is one wonderful girl, who inspires me to just go for it (she's been through so many tough stuff that it's a wonder how she stays so perky inspite that). Some things too --- like Juna, for the nth time, gets my vote as her fiance. you rock,man!

A "stop-over meet" at Sonic's place turned out to be a techie-meets-nerd discussion on the fine details of Episode 3, Animal Planet and the wonders of FTP (thanks, jays! take care and get well soon!) I met his monkey (literally!!!) who was cute, sweet and shared his mango with us (he offered). As for Jays, it'sgreta to see him again! :-)

Finally, a quick bite at good ole' Ababu got me reconnecting with Anton, with relationship, opening a new business and pretty much just chillin'. Just like old times, huh? :-)

+ + +

I love how life gives us opportunities to cross paths with people, and interact with them. I love how our uniqueness makes it all the more interesting.

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